October 10 -16 Bucharest Industria Bumbacului
Creative Est
Eastern-European Creative Industries Festival

About us

A regional festival celebrating creative industries in Eastern-Europe. The ultimate destination for networking, learning and discovery.
The 2nd edition of Creative Est festival will unfold during October 10 – 16 in Bucharest, fostering a diverse learning and discovery space for Romanian and Eastern-European creative industries. This year’s festival is dedicated to exploring how design, fashion, art and technology can shape our cities and boost the quality of our urban life. Keen on helping creative people reach their goals, Creative Est will be the ultimate destination for networking and inspiration, hosting workshops, interactive talks and showcases. The main event, Creative Est Market, will take place in an industrial textiles factory located in central Bucharest and reinvented through creative means. Join us in supporting local creativity!


The first edition of Creative Est took place in autumn 2015, bringing together 25 international speakers, 70 Romanian start-ups working in fashion, technology, gastronomy and music, as well as over 3000 supporters of local creativity. A former textiles factory was turned into a large market celebrating creative and innovative products – a first step towards creating an alternative ecosystem of small producers tuning talent into economic value.
Bucharest and Romania can become the Eastern-European hub of creative industries, if we explore and grow its creative ecosystem.
Almost half of Bucharest’s workers belong to creative classes (technology, advertising, architecture, photography, design, fashion, gastronomy), generating 62,56% out of the national fiscal value. At the moment Bucharest has 16.398 firms running creative activities, meaning approximately 12.5 % out of the total number of economic traders.
With 67.515 people working in cultural and creative sectors, Bucharest is the 17th European city according to the total number of employees belonging to creatives classes, very close to Berlin. On the other hand, Bucharest is the 3rd European city when it comes to the percentage of people working in creative industries out of the total number of employees – 12,34% of Bucharest workers have jobs in creative industries.



S-a încheiat a doua ediţie Creative Est Festival

S-a încheiat a doua ediţie Creative Est Festival

19 October 2016

A doua ediţie a festivalului regional Creative Est a avut loc între 10 şi 16 octombrie la Bucure ...

Interactive Corner la Creative Est

14 October 2016

O serie de instalații interactive care mixează noile tehnologii cu muzica și arta vor fi expuse l ...

Interactive Corner la Creative Est

Festival Agenda

CONFERENCE: Designing the future - Romanian Design Council - Monday Oct 10, 10:00 - 18.00

DEBATE: Being in the coffee industry - Tuesday, Oct 11, 17.30 - 19.30

@Arcub Gabroveni
Founders of the most popular coffee shops in Bucharest meet on Tuesday to share their business development experience in the coffee industry. The meeting will be cupping session where you will learn much more about the world of coffee in a sensory way.

Portfolio Reviews@Diploma - Wednesday, Oct 12, 11.00 - 12.00

Graphic Design students will learn from professionals and seniors in the field how to prepare a portfolio, what it should contain and what they should take into consideration in order to be well prepared for the Portfolio Reviews session, planned within DIPLOMA 2016 on October 23. DIPLOMA is the event dedicated to creative vocational graduates, initiated by The Institute.

Portfolio Reviews @Diploma - Thursday, October 13, 11.00 - 12.00

@Ion Mincu University
Architecture students will learn from professionals and seniors in the field how to prepare a portfolio, what it should contain and what they should take into consideration in order to be well prepared for the Portfolio Reviews session, planned within DIPLOMA 2016 on October 23. DIPLOMA is the event dedicated to creative vocational graduates, initiated by The Institute.

WORSKHOP: Transforming creativity into business - Thursday, October 13, 12.30 - 14.30

WORSKHOP: Running a business in architecture - Thursday, October 13, 15.00 - 17.00

Round table: Food trucks meet-up - Thursday, October 13

Invitation only event. We’re bringing together the food trucks from Bucharest to create a common agenda that would map the needs of street food suppliers and their relation with the public and private sectors.

Market - Saturday & Sunday, October 15, 10.00 - 20.00

@Industria Bumbacului
Bringing together the best artisans, artists and designers in Eastern Europe, Creative Est market celebrates ideas made possible. Over 50 stands of design, art, technology, fashion, gastronomy and urban development will revive a post-communist textiles factory brought to life with the occasion of Creative Est Festival. Audience will get the chance to discover and buy Eastern-European genuine design products, supporting local talent and creativity, while contributing to growing Bucharest's creative ecosystem. Food market included.


@Industria Bumbacului
Playfulness and creativity come together in a day dedicated to the whole family. Special workshops and stands fostering curiosity and discovery will fuel the imagination of the little ones.

WORKSHOP: Invest Romania: Exporting Creativity, Tuesday, Oct 11, 15.00 - 17.00

WORSHOP: Space continuum: Next wave of new digital media - Wednesday, Oct 12, 17.30 - 19.30

WORKSHOP: From business idea to market confirmation - Wednesday, Oct 12, 15.00 - 17.00

WORKSHOP: Being a gastronomy entrepreneur - Thursday, October 13, 17.30 - 19.30

Main Conference: A City Shaped by Creative Industries> Friday, Oct 14, 10.00 - 18.00

Creative Est Nights – drinks & dance, Saturday, October 15, starting 19.00

@Deschis Gastrobar
Drinks & Dance & Visual. In partnership with Anim'est Festival.


Market Participants


The Team

We are a diverse team of excited people about creative industries
Sabina Baciu

Sabina Baciu

Festival Director

Andra Rotaru

Andra Rotaru

Communication officer

Ioana Moșteanu

Ioana Moșteanu

Market Coordinator

Diana Elena Chitu

Diana Elena Chitu

Special Events Manager

Răzvan Crișan

Răzvan Crișan

ORICUM Association President

Octavian Todiruț

Octavian Todiruț


Iulia Cojocaru

Iulia Cojocaru

Educational Program Manager

Mihai Mija

Mihai Mija

Sponsorship Collaborator

Daniela Ștefănescu

Daniela Ștefănescu

PR & Marketing Manager

Gabriela Coteț

Gabriela Coteț

Project Assistant

Roberta Rotaru

Roberta Rotaru

Logistics & Production Manager

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